Signs My SUV Has Electrical Problems

We can help if your SUV is experiencing electrical problems. We are the best auto repair shop in town, and we only staff certified and experienced technicians who know everything about automobiles. If you are having one or more of the problems listed below, these are signs that your SUV has electrical problems. Do not worry. We are here to help.

Blown Fuses

Sometimes, the electrical system can get overloaded and blow fuses in the fuse box. Normally, you shouldn’t need to replace any fuses in the fuse box in your SUV. If you find yourself swapping out fuses frequently, you’ve got a problem with the electrical system. One thing that can overload the electrical system is a malfunctioning alternator that produces voltage over 14.5 volts.

Burning Odors

In addition to the electrical system blowing out the fuses, you will also smell burning odors in your SUV or in the SUV’s engine. We recommend that you pull over and call for a tow truck to bring your SUV to our shop. It is important to cut the electricity in the SUV by turning off the engine to avoid starting an electrical fire. It is much better to be safe than to risk a fire.

Dead Battery

Another problem that may occur is a problem with the battery. If your SUV has electricity pulling from the battery constantly, the battery will die frequently. Unfortunately, this phantom drain needs to be found and repaired before the battery will retain a charge. We can scope the electrical system to find the phantom drain and fix it so you no longer have to jump-start the battery.

Dead Engine

It will be impossible to start the engine if you have a dead battery. In addition, it is impossible to start the engine in your SUV if the starter does not have electricity. Difficulties starting the SUV can be signs that the electrical system is shorting out or that the alternator is going bad.


Finally, you may start to have malfunctions with all of your electrical components. These components include the power accessories inside the SUV such as the entertainment system and the power seats and windows. You may find that your touchscreen stops working. Your GPS or radio may shut off by itself. You may even have problems with the SUV’s lights.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for your SUV if you are having electrical problems. Again, we are here to help.

Photo by yanyong from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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