diagnosticsEverything might seem fine while driving down the road, and your check engine light comes on out of nowhere. Don’t panic. If your check engine light or any warning light comes on in Baton Rouge, LA, just bring your vehicle to L&S Automotive for a diagnostics test. Our team of trained technicians, partnered with the top-of-the-line equipment we have in store, is the perfect paring to solve any issue that might have caused your check engine light to illuminate.

Diagnostic Testing Baton Rouge LA

What is a diagnostic test? Many drivers believe that a diagnostic test is the simple process of a “code pull.” This is where someone hooks up a code reader to the vehicle, which provides them with the error code that caused the check engine light. In actuality, the diagnostic testing process is when a technician looks at the error code but then takes the time to find the cause of that error code. The error code might be a leak in the EVAP system. When you come to L&S Automotive for a diagnostics test in Baton Rouge, LA, a certified technician will take the time to identify where that leak is and then recommend the appropriate solution. This process is much more in-depth than a simple “code pull.”

Check Engine Light Baton Rouge LA

The check engine light is a warning from your vehicle that something is wrong. If the light comes on and stays illuminated, then it means you should get the vehicle checked out. If the light comes on and flashes, you need to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop immediately to prevent further damage. The check engine light does not tell you what is wrong with the vehicle, but it does provide a good starting point for a technician. This starting point is an error code that will help the technician determine the problem and its resolution.

Diagnostics Near Me

It is important to note when your check engine light came on. Depending on the problem, the longer the light is left on, the more damage it could potentially cause. If your check engine light has come on recently and you need a vehicle diagnostics test, visit L&S Automotive in Baton Rouge, LA, today. Call us, visit us online, or come into the shop for professional diagnostic testing. We will figure out the problem and offer the best solution at a price that does not break the bank.

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